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Why Have a Management Plan?

Vincent Corrao, Northwest Management, Inc. (1999)

  • A Management Plan identifies the goals and objectives of the individual or group that owns the land.
  • The Plan directs management activities throughout a 20 to 30 year period moving the property to the owner’s desired stand of the future.
  • A Plan outlines the silvicultural treatments necessary to improve and manage the health of the timber.
  • A timber valuation, included in the Plan, provides a landowner with an estimation of value before any management activities occur, and gives the owner an estimate of the total value of the asset.
  • The cruise information together with the silvicultural prescriptions identify the species, size, and volume of timber to be removed. The quality of the timber is evaluated with the log prices to determine if now is an appropriate time to sell, both from a price and a biological standpoint, rather than selling at some future date.
  • The Management Plan document is used by all parties to implement activities on the property.

A forest Management Plan is a tool that provides a landowner with direction for the management of the property. The plan consists of several sections which include the landowner’s objectives, an evaluation and description of the resource, and a silvicultural prescription. There are several items which must be evaluated and considered as the forest Management Plan develops.

The process of developing your Management Plan starts with you. As a landowner you must consider why you own the land. Developing your management goals and objectives, which will become the centerpiece of your plan, is the first phase of the management plan. Issues you might consider include forest health, wildlife, aesthetic, recreational, and monetary concerns. Regardless of how different concerns may conflict with each other, write them down for further consideration. Your Management Plan will help you sort out your concerns and prioritize the issues. Each concern will influence the way your Management Plan develops. This may be the most difficult part of developing the Plan; however, it is also probably the single most important part of your plan. The goals and objectives provide the direction for the rest of the Plan.

One of the services Northwest Mangement, Inc. provides is developing Management Plans with private landowners.

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