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Use of Individual Tree and Product Level Data to Improve Operational Forestry

Robert F. Keefe · Eloise G. Zimbelman · Gianni Picchi


Purpose of Review Individual tree detection (ITD) methods and technologies for tracking individual forest products through a smart operational supply chain from stump to mill are now available. The purpose of this paper is to (1) review the related
literature for audiences not familiar with remote sensing and tracking technologies and (2) to identify knowledge gaps in operational forestry and forest operations research now that these new data and systems are becoming more common.

Recent Findings Past research has led to successful development of ITD remote sensing methods for detecting individual
tree information and radio frequency identification (RFID), branding, and other product tracing methods for individual trees
and logs. Blockchain and cryptocurrency that allow independent verifcation of transactions and work activity recognition
based on mobile and wearable sensors can connect the mechanized and motor-manual components of supply chains, bridging gaps in the connectivity of data. However, there is a shortage of research demonstrating use of location-aware tree and product information that spans multiple machines.

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