Real Estate

Forest, Land & Property Services

With nearly 40 years of forest and land management experience, Northwest Management, Inc provides clients with timberland and recreational property valuations. Our team of experts can assist with the acquisition of properties along with providing assistance with divesting parcels or estates.

To better serve this need, and offer a more comprehensive service, we have formed a partnership with United Country Real Estate, Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties (UCLLP) to include a licensed brokerage service that spans Washington, Idaho and Montana. This enables our team to pair an experienced forest land professional with exceptional real estate staff to ensure your specific short and long-term land management wishes are achieved.

This collaboration combines unparalleled knowledge and experience to create a higher-level real estate and land management consulting service for every property. Through support from our team many people have found their desired timberland property whether it be an investment or an ideal recreational getaway. It is our privilege to offer rural properties and professional land management consultation to every client.

  • Turnkey Forestland Management Services
  • Stewardship & Harvest Planning
  • Fuel Reduction & Reforestation
  • Conventional Forest Inventory
  • LiDAR-assisted Forest Inventory
  • Growth & Yield Analysis
  • Carbon Sequestration Assessments
  • Timberland Valuations
  • Economic & Infrastructure Feasibility
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Land Use & Investment Planning
  • Plant & Noxious Weed Surveys
  • Wildfire & Flood Mitigation Planning
  • Conservation Easements
  • Range Management & Improvement
  • Hydrology & Soil Assessments
  • GIS, Remote Sensing, & Statistical Analysis

Northwest Management, Inc’s partnership with Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties provides a one-stop shop for landowners, real estate investors and people looking to buy or sell timberland, farmland, hunting land and recreational properties. Our combined team is dedicated to landowners, buyers and sellers with the goal of helping them achieve the success they are looking for.

The United Country Real Estate team is the leading fully integrated network of conventional and auction real estate professionals. The company has been an innovator in ranch, farm, recreational, lifestyle and country real estate marketing since 1925 and offers a combined network of more than 500 offices and 6,000 real estate professionals nationally, with a unique, comprehensive and proven marketing program.

Programs include the highest ranked and largest portfolios of specialty property marketing websites, unequaled national print advertising, the largest internal real estate advertising agency, an exclusive database of more than 700,000 opt-in buyers, and additional proprietary programs for advertising local properties more broadly. United Country has been recognized by Franchise Business Review,, The Land Report, Enterpriser and The Wall Street Journal as one of the top U.S. real estate companies.

Rural Real Estate, Land and Timber Valuations, and Long-Term Management

Comparable sales from our front-line real estate team, pair the highest quality data with the most sophisticated models to provide investment-grade recommendations with confidence.

Extensive experience in field-forestry, forest data collection, water resource assessments, and land management are backed by a robust team of more than 20 professional forestry staff.

Our team provides extensive expertise in timberland valuations at any scale from 10 to 10-million acres. We implement cost-based approaches using sophisticated growth and yield models, harvest scheduling, and market analyses.

Leveraging nearly 4 decades of operational inventory field experience across North America. Annual inventory updates (VRP), timber valuations, permanent growth and yield plots (CFI), carbon offsets, and digital-forest verification plots (LiDAR/Remote Sensing). Our field professionals provide confidence in your forest measurement information.

Specialty rural and recreational lands, Residential homes and Commercial properties. Comparable sales from our front-line real estate team are paired with long-standing natural resource professionals to offer an enjoyable and informative experience.

Timberland valuation at any scale from 10 to 10-million acres. We implement the cost-based approaches using sophisticated models, and market analyses. Our team’s extensive experience paired with your goals offers the highest quality information with confidence.