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Planning and Policy Cont...

Planning and Policy Cont...

Northwest Management, Inc.’s team that provides environmental planning and policy support, are a group of professionals who specialize in project leadership from the beginning stages of the planning process through final approval and publication. Our team provides direction and guidance for a wide diversity of projects. We work side-by-side with land managers, government officials, agency representatives, and program directors to facilitate success and achieve the planned objectives.

Providing consultation services for more than three decades on projects with a diversity of needs and objectives has developed expertise in our team that enables us to meet or exceed state, federal, and tribal requirements in hazard mitigation planning. Our team utilizes technology, such as GIS and LiDAR, to analyze data, create maps, and incorporate visual components that strengthen the presentation of information within the planning document. We utilize web-based platforms to share sections of the draft in real-time so the planning team members can comment throughout the process. Through our focus on historic and newly-published research, technical writing, and a developed editing process, each plan is developed using the best available information and data.

Many planning processes have a public involvement component or require outreach to other potential planning partners and stakeholders. Our team collaborates with clients and their partners to develop best-fit strategies for public outreach to inform and seek input from various audiences. We tailor every outreach campaign to fit each unique planning project by utilizing a combination of in-person and web-based applications to compile and incorporate the various perspectives through the planning process.

Our Team’s experience in many diverse aspects of natural resources, their management, and innovative technology results in high-quality products, consistent communication, and leadership that bridge gaps between scientists, practitioners, executives, policy makers, and residents of the communities that we work with. Nearly four decades of experience across the western U.S., combined with technology, offers strengths integral to adapting technology and overcoming the challenges we face in natural resource management. Our team provides valuable leadership and guidance that positively supports planning and actionable mitigation decisions.

Public Agency Planning Services

“Hazard mitigation works to reduce loss of life and property by reducing the impact of disasters. Through effective mitigation planning and the implementation of mitigation strategies greater risk reduction can be achieved. State, tribal, and local governments undertake hazard mitigation planning to identify risks and vulnerabilities related to natural disasters. Through planning, they develop long-term strategies for protecting people and property from future events. Mitigation plans are key to breaking the cycle of disaster damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage.” FEMA Hazard Mitigation Planning Resources

Why we support those engaged in complex projects environmental projects and hazard mitigation.

 It upholds our Mission Statement by leveraging our long-term resource management experience to balance resource objectives on public landscapes.

Private Landowner Property Improvement Programs

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) 

Northwest Management, Inc. has multiple staff certified as Technical Service Providers (TSPs) which serve as qualified and certified, non-agency experts in forestry allowing us to provide assistance and complete the whole process of prescribing/”design”, “installation” and “check-out” of silvicultural practices supported through cost-share by the NRCS. Annual funding for landowners is provided through the Farm Bill and requires an application within the yearly sign-up period.

Eligibility for these funds requires an active forest management plan. Preparation of a forest management plan is cost-shareable. The first step toward funding is to have a plan written by TSP and these cost-share requests are almost always funded. Additional funding for the practices a landowner is looking to apply to their land goes through a separate review and ranking process to determine applicability and amount. The motivation for this cost-share program is that activities are non-commercial and address forestry resource concerns.

Main forestry practices our landowners see consistently funded (parentheses = NRCS specific criteria).

  1. Forest Management Plan
  2. Tree planting, (can be reforestation or afforestation)
  3. Pre-commercial thinning/non-commercial thinning,
  4. Site-preparation, for natural or supplemental reforestation
  5. Woody residue treatment, of existing or created (from other practices) slash/debris/shrubs
  6. Prescribed burning
  7. Weed treatments
  8. Fencing, roads/trails, ponds, etc. are not funded consistently and often require additional information and engineering.

Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Forest Landowner Cost-Share program

This program is only available to Washington State landowners. It is very similar to the NRCS EQIP program except that the WA DNR does a continuous sign-up and funding cycle so applications can be submitted and are approved when funding is available. If a landowner has 40 or more acres, they must have a forest management plan in place to apply for funding. The development of a forest management plan is cost-shareable. For landowners with less than 40 acres no forest plan is needed to apply for practice funding.

The WA DNR is a partner in this program and works directly with a landowner or the landowner’s forester to ensure adequately designed plans and documentation passes a final approval/certification in order to release funding. This program provides funding for the same forestry-centered services as the NRCS, but does not provide funding for tree planting, weed treatments, roads, fence, or ponds etc.

The Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) and other State and County entities occasionally provide funding through grants such as HMP, CWPP, FIREWISE, and the PSCRF salmon/watershed restoration programs

These programs typically address a specific geographic area or resource concern. This leads to somewhat limited funding applications or specific regions where funds can be applied. If a landowner is within a region where these funding sources may be available, it is common that the funding agency or a team like Northwest Management, Inc. would provide leadership for application and project implementation through landowner guidance and the regulations and policies of the funding entity.