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Planning and Policy

Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plans

Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plans

  • Multi-Hazard & Wildfire Mitigation Planning and Policy. Our planning team guides communities and local governments through all phases of the planning process.
  • Federal, State, and Tribal Land Planning and Policies. We collaborate throughout our network on NEPA, FEMA, GNA, shared stewardship, TFPA and other Federal Policy-guided efforts.
  • Forestland Planning, Environmental Policy and Consultation. From programmatic NEPA to local Forest Practices Acts our team works to achieve your forestland and property management objectives.
  • Field Work, Consultation, and Grant Writing. Field Work, Consultation, and Grant Writing

Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plans

We assist our clients to meet and exceed the state and FEMA requirements for a local multi-hazard mitigation plan. Our planning team supports city and county governments, local districts, and Native American Tribes, among others. We have a step-by-step process to guide your team through scoping, GIS analysis, public outreach, hazard risk evaluation, vulnerability assessments, and mitigation strategy development. Collaboration and communication are at the center of our team’s service and the successes of every plan.

Wildland Fire Mitigation & Plans

Through more than 25 years of fire fighting, fuels mitigation, planning support, and document development Northwest Management Inc. can provide updates or full-plan developments of Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs) and wildland fire risk assessments. Working for federal and state agencies, Native American Tribes, and local governments offers our team a depth of expertise in meeting facilitation, public outreach and engagement, funding requests and approvals not offered by most.

Wildlife, Rangeland, and Habitat Management

Our team of natural resource professionals have several decades of planning and field experience. We offer clients well-rounded resource assessments, threatened and endangered species analyses, habitat assessments, fire management plans, and many other supporting documents that promote land conservation priorities.

Project Management, Forest Management Consultation and Planning

With nearly four decades of experience natural resource management experience Northwest Management Inc has worked with individual, commercial, and trust landowners to develop management plans, complete GIS analyses and mapping, build database solutions, apply BMPs and attain cost-share funding for implementation. Our team provides realistic assessments of resource conditions and responsible recommendations for future action. Our long-standing relationships with local and regional agencies provides an un-matched network to assist landowners in managing forested lands.

Transportation Assessments, Forest Road Planning and Design, Soil Erosion and Modeling

Our team has completed more than 1000 miles of high-intensity road assessments evaluating erosion risks, surface travel conditions, easement access, drainage, transportation logistics, and harvest routing as well as overseeing the development and installation of structures to address fish passage and habitat access. Our team brings an in-depth knowledge of NEPA, FEMA, GNA, TFPA, CWA, and Shared Stewardship to every project and technical plan.

Water Resources

Our team maintains professional certifications in hydrology, soil erosion and wetland delineation. This allows us to provide resource delineations, riparian assessments, and stream surveys as well as water right & permitting assistance throughout the Northwest. What you get in return are experience-based geospatial analyses and technical documentation to support the sustainable and actionable management options for your land.

Public Outreach and Awareness

Our planning team regularly engages with the public through a variety of services. We develop and facilitate public outreach and awareness strategies to help our clients achieve their project goals through live events, such as presentations, town hall-style meetings, open houses, and sponsored booths. We also use various media platforms to host awareness campaigns and disseminate information to a wide audience.