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Moving Forward in the Forestry Profession

Foresters Forum

The Foresters Forum was established in 2001 Northwest Management, Inc. and Riley Stegner & Associates. The Forum is dedicated to providing professional foresters the opportunity to focus on their profession, learn new ideas, techniques and technologies, and share information. We are pleased to provide high quality and top-notch speakers from all over the nation. The Forester Forum attracts over 250 attendees from across the U.S. to engage in professional development and networking opportunities. The primary geographic reach of the Foresters Forum is the Pacific and Inland Northwest Region. 

Attendees include many of the most successful and influential forestry professionals and industry leaders from across the nation, including: 

  • Carbon Project Leaders
  • Conservation Organizations (NGO’s) 
  • Federal and State Foresters
  • Forest Product Manufactures
  • Forest Resource Emerging Technology Interests
  • Forestry Consultants
  • Loggers/Forest Engineers
  • Tribal and First Nation Resource Managers
  • University Leaders

Collaborating Partners

Research and Collaborations

Northwest Management, Inc. (NMI) with support from forest products industry and others partnered with the University of Idaho (UofI) came together to apply LiDAR and the ForestView® model to the University of Idaho’s Experimental Forest (UIEF) in 2019. Applications include development of a Digital Inventory®, forest management tools, harvest mechanization and tracking insights, and wildlife habitat, among others. These initial LiDAR data were gathered during a collaborating effort between the U of I and the Idaho Department of Lands. 

Wildfire Training Instruction & Refresher Courses

Northwest Management, Inc. provides basic wildland fire training (S-130, S190), the annual fire refresher (RT-130), Firefighter 1 (S-131), Crew Boss (S-230), and Engine Boss (S-231) programs.

We generally offer the RT-130 to contractors from February to May each year, and the other courses as needed or requested. The annual RT-130 training courses are offered in Grangeville, ID and Moscow, ID. Depending on class size and need we are also able to provide on-site courses at times and locations that best meet team needs. Class sizes range from 15 to 80 or more for the RT-130. Call us for minimum class sizes and alternate locations.

Our staff are a team of active wildland firefighters who can provide various trainings through an agreement with the USFS. We follow the guidance of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group for all our trainings and provide these trainings to area contractors to enable them to supplement local, state, and federal fire suppression programs.