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Complete Forest & Property Management

Complete Forest & Property Management

  • Complete Forest & Property Management Service
  • Log Market Reports
  • Brush Treatment, and Fire-Fuels Reduction
  • Land and Timber Valuations

Complete Forest & Property Management

Leveraging nearly 4 decades of operational forest measurement, tree planting, fuels reduction, harvest methods and log marketing experience across North America. Our staff of more than 30 full-time professional foresters supported by 15+ additional field staff are ready to help with anything from land purchases and sales through applied forestry, water and soil health to estate planning and conservation easements.

Forest Inventory

Our staff have nearly 4 decades of operational inventory field experience, completing between 30,000 to 60,000 plots annually. These forest inventory efforts include; annual inventory updates (VRP), timber valuations, permanent growth and yield plots (CFI), carbon offsets, and digital-forest verification plots (LiDAR/Remote Sensing). Our field professionals provide confidence in your forest measurement information.

Log Market Report

Our team specializes in intensive merchandising and marketing of forest products to capture optimum value. Our quarterly log market report summarizes log prices from a large geographic area in the northwest and is referenced by nearly every state agency, industry leader and private forest land owner. We keep timberland owners on top of the market.

Harvest Planning, Pre-Commercial Thinning, Brush Treatment, and Fire-Fuels Reduction

Timber sale harvest-planning and implementation, as well as facilitation of the harvesting process between agencies, loggers, and buyers is only one aspect of our service to ensure adherence to Forest Practice Act (FPA) regulations and inspections to achieve the best results for your property. Following harvest operations, Northwest Management Inc brings years of experience applying fire to the landscape for the benefits of nutrient cycling and hazard-risk reductions. Our staff include CDL licensed operators, water tenders, wildland fire engines, and experienced fire-line teams

Reforestation and Seedling Establishment

Northwest Management offers custom grow ordering and seedling acquisition for any sized forested ownership. We additionally maintain multiple refrigerated buildings for seedling storage and administer the planting of 1.1 to 3 million seedlings annually across the Northwest. We offer custom planting plans that range from commercial-plantation establishment to recreational and viewshed projects that include deer browse protection, herbicide application, sod removal and staking.

Wildlife, Water, Soils, and Conservation

Wildlife, water resources and soil health are critically important to the success of a tree farm and the beauty of the rural lands we all enjoy. Our team brings more than 20 years of hydrology, water rights, soil erosion, road layout and field analysis experience to every project, with professional certifications and experience in hydrology, soil erosion, NRCS Conservation Programs and Wildlife Conservation Easements; such as, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) and the Wild Turkey Foundation (WFT).

Timber Valuations and Long-Term Planning

Pair the highest quality data with the most sophisticated models to provide investment-grade recommendations with confidence. Our Team provides timberland valuations at any scale from 10 to 10-million acres. We implement cost-based approaches using sophisticated growth and yield models, harvest scheduling, and market analyses