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MCH Pheromone Packets (10 per pack)


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Ordering of insect pheromones will resume in 2022, if there is immediate concern please contact Chuck Gesme



MCH Pheromone for Mitigation of the Douglas-fir Bark Beetle

For April 15th installation please order by March 20th.  For May 1st installation please order by April 15th

MCH Installation Guide

MCH pheromone can be used to help prevent an attack of Douglas-fir Bark Beetle. MCH should be used in an area with a high concentration of Douglas-fir trees or where priority trees are susceptible.

  • Install between April 10th and April 20th
  • Use a Staple gun to attach pheromone packet to tree, do not puncture pheromone bubble.
  • Hang packets 6-8 feet high on the north side of the tree.
  • For area coverage hang packets in a grid system of 40 packets per acre at approximately 33-foot intervals.
  • Northwest Management Inc is available for hire to hang packets for landowners.