Technical Services


  • Lidar Acquisition Facilitation
  • Drone Applications
  • Point Cloud Data Processing for Resource Applications
  • Data Visualization and GIS
  • Western U.S. Tribal Client Services
  • Environmental Planning Support
  • Resource-Inventory Support
  • Research, Analysis and Publication
  • Marketing and Branding



As technology expands and the pressures on social, economic and environmental resources increase, it is vital that we remain knowledgeable and innovative to provide high quality and accurate services to our clients. The Tech Services Department works to integrate technology such as Lidar, UAVs, computer programming and audio/visual software throughout the company’s natural resource services. We have applied Lidar to NMI’s forest inventory services at the landscape and single-tree levels and used drone imagery to model forests in 3D as well as provide virtual mapping tours of Real Estate properties. Despite the best applications of technology, it is critical to maintain a connection with the land and the front-line workforce. In Tech Services we take pride in our fieldwork, data collection, analysis, and research that maintain a focus on actionable products and tools for resource practitioners as well as long-term solutions for natural resource management.


Western Tribal Support and Services

The application of long-term solutions and visionary planning could not be better demonstrated than by the Native Cultures of the Western U.S. in their pursuit of multi-generational land management. Northwest Management, Inc. has been a part of Indian Country for nearly 40 years and through Tech services, across the company, provides organizational structure, innovative solutions, and tools that support the complete suite of resource management needs. This is accomplished through a front-line support team that works with Tribal, private, state and federal clients as a start-to-finish integrated working forest management team. From log scales to website sales we assist in the development of data visualization and marketing materials to support company services.