Montana Area Office



  • Timber Harvest Planning, Layout & Administration
  • Log Marketing and Timber Valuation
  • Wildfire Hazard Reduction
  • Forest Inventory
  • GIS Mapping
  • Forest Management Planning
  • Conservation Easement Baseline Reports
  • Forest Insect and Disease Management
  • Sustainable Forest Management Certification
  • Forest Stand Improvement
  • Forest Carbon Project Development

Northwest Management, Inc. (NMI) has operated its Montana office since 2001. The office provides forestry services across the state of Montana with occasional project work in other states. NMI is recognized as a leader in the Montana forestry community and is active in numerous professional, industry, and landowner forestry related organizations.

Northwest Management Inc.’s Montana office provides comprehensive forestry services to a broad range of clients including private forest owners, the forest industry; county state, and federal agencies; tribes, land trusts, insurance agencies, and other organizations. Our well- tenured staff is available to assist with on any project involving forest land management.