Lidar-Assisted Forest Inventory

LiDAR – Light Detection and Ranging. For all land owners and managers interested in measurement of the location and height of each tree across their landscape, we offer the FOR-D LiDAR- Assisted forest census.

This is an individual tree digital forest that can easily be viewed, downloaded or separated into specific units or areas on a desktop or laptop computer. The FOR-D inventory requires LiDAR acquisition custom specifications and field data using fixed radius plots each with a submeter GPS center and 100% measurement of all trees for increased accuracy and precision of individual tree species, DBH, height, volume comma and many other features these deep digital forests are set up for input into growth and yield models that provide the accuracy needed for valuation an investment calculations, wildfire mitigation and avoid cost calculations, transportation and harvest and management feasibility assessments, as well as forestry wildlife hydrology and recreation planning.

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