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Planning Your Timber Harvest for 1998

By: Vincent Corrao, Northwest Management, Inc.

When considering a timber harvest on your timberland property, one of the first things to investigate is the log market. Prices for 1998 are expected to be similar to those received in 1997. Pulp prices rose the last quarter of 1997 and have remained steady. Generally, the outlook is good with no significant increases expected. Additional points to consider when preparing a timber harvest are:

  • How much timber should be harvested and what do you want the property to look like after harvest?
  • What type of harvesting system and equipment should be used to achieve the desired results while minimizing cost?
  • What are logs of this quality, size and specie worth? How can the logs be marketed to achieve the maximum value?
  • How much revenue will be generated from the harvest and how will that affect your financial/tax situation?
  • How will the slash abatement be managed and who will be responsible for slash cleanup and burning?

A timber harvest is conducted generally only once or twice on a parcel for any one landowner. It is crucial to properly plan, schedule and manage the timber harvest to maximize revenues while meeting management goals. A quality job will provide a forest you and your family can enjoy and be proud of. In planning your timber sale, contact Northwest Management, Inc. to help you with making these important decisions.

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