Northwest Rural Properties Reflects on 2018, Tera King, NRP CEO and Rural Land Sales Forester

By December 11, 2018Article

Northwest Rural Properties completed its second year with a bang! Our unique team of foresters and realtors spent much of 2018 working with the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) on their timberland acquisition strategy culminating in over 32,000 acres purchased for the State Endowment funds! These lands were a combination of family forests that will now be managed by the IDL as timberland in perpetuity or “well-used” industrial forestlands that will now be placed into the State’s long-term timber management strategy. We have also found a niche helping many of our clients seek and purchase timberland or recreational properties with confidence that they are paying a fair price for the land and timber. Not surprisingly, very few traditional realtors have a good grasp of timber markets and values (to be fair, why would they?) and therefore often miss opportunities for their buyers and sellers. Similarly, marketing vacant land, whether its forest, range or farmland, requires a unique skill set with in-depth knowledge of the local real estate AND commodity markets as well as the productivity of the land and other factors.

Many of our clients want to know if they should harvest before they try to sell their property. The answer is, “It depends!” It depends on the current health, the location, the value of the species and size of trees, and the local inventory of similar properties. It is a complicated decision, but we can help you weigh the options and choose a course of action that will maximize your return and/or any other objectives you have.

For 2019, Northwest Rural Properties has plans to add more agents in north Idaho, eastern Washington, and Montana to better serve our clients. While we intend to stick to our roots, we do have agents available to market acreages with homes or other features. Whether you’re just getting started in your search or have been looking for a while, give us a call! We’d love to help match you with a great property. Or, if you’re ready to move, let us help you sell and get you where you’re going faster!