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Our Team of Professionals

Our Team of Professionals

works hard to maintain the beauty, serenity and function of natural environments through providing consultation, management and conservation expertise to clients throughout the United States. Our mission, “Inspire Forestry” is shared by all within our teams and embodied in our vison as recognized leaders in providing a balanced approach to natural resource management for our communities and the environment for landowners large, small, private and public. We achieve this through expertise in forestry, ecology, fire, training & mentoring, planning, and innovative applications of technology. The long-term relationships we enjoy with our clients as well as within our team of professionals are built on a culture that supplies us with supportive leadership and a sustainable view of natural resources.

Northwest Management Inc provides balanced solutions, technical staffing, and professional services to manage the challenges facing today’s forests and wildlands. We value the high-level results gained through cooperation of landowners, consultants, industry leaders, academics, Tribal nations, and local governments. We believe sustainable solutions are achieved only through effectively balancing environmental, social, and economic values.

Our inspiration as leaders in applied forestry, forest technologies, and environmental management comes from more than 40 years of experience in the field, a well-established team of resource professionals, the use of cutting-edge technology, and our ability to provide accurate and high-quality services for every project, no matter the size.

Growing for the Future

Growing for the Future

Northwest Management, Inc. has enjoyed a long history of teamwork and staff who enjoy the work they do and the clients they serve. Since being founded from a home office in 1984 the leadership of NMI have instilled a culture of team support, innovation, quality, service and delivery within every aspect of the company. Today the culture of NMI remains one of support, teamwork, and focus on client services across a diversity of disciplines. Professional development of staff and requested input, known internally as “leadership from where you are”, is part of this foundation and encouraged from every position. Our company’s operational-mentorship program takes our culture one step further, consisting of a structured 1-to-3-year program focused on the development of specialized professional skills such as Biometrics, Harvest Operations, GIS/Spatial Analytics, or Technical Writing and more. These programs focus on core academic knowledge, technical skills, and operational applications measured by demonstrated performance, motivation, and professional successes that help the NMI team achieve strategic successes centered on exemplary client service. 

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Submit applications and resumes to or complete our online application form.

Northwest Management, Inc. is currently seeking applications from motivated individuals looking to engage in meaningful work within any of the following positions:

Additionally, please click below to review the full job descriptions for all open positions.

Seasonal Forest Technicians:

Northwest Management, Inc. is continually seeking resumes from motivated individuals with forestry or natural resource backgrounds. These teams are based out of our main office in Moscow, ID. Extensive “out of town” travel and driving is required, with all expenses paid by the company (bunkhouse is available for use when working in the Moscow area). This position works in outdoor settings on forested landscapes and requires extended time in the field on forestry related projects. Field personnel will be walking on uneven terrain while conducting field work in all types of weather.

Fulltime Foresters:

This position will require self-motivated individuals who enjoy all disciplines of forestry (see video above) and who have a vision for the future. Applicants must have the ability to work independently with minimal supervision and in small team settings. This position will require travel and applicants should anticipate work away from their duty station for approximately 10% of the year.

Positions in Hoquiam, Chewelah, and Moscow.

Fulltime Forest Biometrician:

Duties: The Forest Biometrician position provides support to clients and the Company on inventory, timber valuations, growth and yield, statistical modeling, and research, NPV (discounted cash flow) analysis, and within the results and products of the Forest View® software. Skills in FPS and FVS are expected as well as the ability to work within other forest modeling and merchandizing software. The ability to interface with MS Access, SQL and/or PostgreSQL are a must. Supporting skills in GIS, database management, Python, and technical writing are necessary for this position. From the collection of field data and development of results to annual inventory updates for clients using both traditional forestry data and remotely sensed inventories, this position supports day-to-day and long-term services…

Geospatial Analyst I:

Collection, processing, and analysis of a diverse array of data types and basic programming languages (Python). Interpretation and analysis of imagery and remote sensing data, as well as the graphical presentation of geospatial cloud data and statistical comparisons are at the core of this position. From the collection of field data to forest growth projections and scientific-publication level research and synthesis…

Statistician/Programmer I:

Our team is seeking an experienced programmer (Python) with a foundation in applied statistics. Experience in testing and development of processes related to the analysis: Northwest Management, Inc., a full-service natural resource consulting firm based in Moscow, Idaho, is seeking resumes from motivated individuals looking to work in a high-impact field of innovation and technology. Our team is seeking an experienced programmer (Python) with a foundation in applied statistics. Experience in testing and development of processes related to the analysis

Applied Python Developer:

 Interpretation and analysis of remote sensing data as well as the presentation and statistical comparisons of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and field data are at the core of this position. From the collection of field data to forest growth projections and scientific publication level research, this position works across a suite of natural resources, with dynamic metrics, to achieve client goals. Being familiar with ArcGIS/QGIS platforms, interested in image-processing outside of ESRI toolsets, and having database experience (SQL, SQLite, or PostgreSQL) is a must. This position will additionally work with other staff on the use of geospatial tools…

Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Vincent Corrao

Chairman of the Board

Mark Corrao

Chief Innovation Officer

Tierra Moser

Chief Operations Officer

Vaiden Bloch


Matt Engberg