Introducing: Northwest Rural Properties, LLC

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Introducing: Northwest Rural Properties, LLC

Tera King, Northwest Rural Properties, LLC.  CEO

Northwest Management, Inc. would like to introduce Northwest Rural Properties, LLC!  Many of our clients have requested Northwest Management Inc.’s assistance with valuing potential timberland property acquisitions as well as helping them work through the process of divesting some or all of their estate as their needs or interest in owning timberlands has changed.  In order to better serve this need and offer a more complete service, we have formed a wholly-owned real estate brokerage licensed in both Idaho and Washington.  Northwest Rural Properties, LLC is helmed by Kevin Boling, formerly of the The Boling Company, as the designated broker with the full weight and backing of Northwest Management, Inc.’s practical expertise and available boots on the ground.  Mr. Boling has over 40 years of experience managing, buying, selling, and trading timberland properties in the Inland Northwest in addition to over 50 years of tenure in northern Idaho.

Northwest Rural Properties, LLC specializes in timberland acquisition, disposition, and exchange on behalf of our clients.  For our existing clients, we pair a land sales forester with your current Northwest Management, Inc. forester in order to ensure that your specific short and long-term land management objectives are met.

Northwest Rural Properties, LLC is currently working with the Idaho Department of Lands to acquire timberland properties to be managed in perpetuity as part of the State Endowment Trust Lands portfolio.  Endowment Lands are managed as a trust for beneficiary institutions including Public Schools, the University of Idaho, Penitentiary, State Hospitals, other charitable institutions, and the State Capitol building.  This is a great opportunity for landowners with larger acreages that are interested in selling to ensure that your property is kept as a working forest, never to be sold, for as long as Idaho is part of the United States!

Northwest Rural Properties, LLC commonly represents a wide variety of potential buyers and is happy to assist clients with finding that perfect timberland property whether you’re interested in an investment, managing for wood products, 1031 exchange, or just looking for your own slice of heaven for purely recreational purposes.

Northwest Rural Properties, LLC also has numerous properties listed in Idaho and Washington (Montana coming soon!), including some large ownerships with existing Conservation Easements that protect and conserve “for all time” the property’s sustainable timber harvest and recreational values.  These and other listed properties can be viewed on our website at  While we focus on timberlands, we are more than willing to discuss other types of property including small acreages, agricultural properties, and/or those with existing structures.

If you’re interested in buying, selling, trading, or exchanging and interested in discussing potential options, please contact our office at 208-892-9087 or email us at Northwest Rural Properties, LLC is housed at Northwest Management, Inc.’s Moscow, Idaho office.