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Featured Professional: Vincent P. Corrao, Treating Your Slash After Harvest Activities

Treating Your Slash After Harvest Activities

The States of Idaho and Montana require that the slash created during harvest operations be treated to reduce the hazards associated with increased fuels and wildfire. Treating your slash created during a harvest reduces the chance of wildfire, cleans up the property, and opens up more acres on the property to plant and grow tress. The season to treat your slash is here and the weather is cooperating. Most slash treatments involve burning piles. Slash piles that have been well cured and dry can take some precipitation and should before lighting. Often treatments begin too early before the surrounding forest is damp or wet and the chance of escape is high. Waiting too long to burn piles creates “bone piles” of unburned material. The best burn window is just after some precipitation and before the heavy fall rains or snow moves into the area.

Contact the Idaho Department of Lands or the Department of Natural Resources in Washington and Montana on or before October 20 (Idaho) to get a burn permit required by the states and check the conditions. The staff at Northwest Management, Inc. can also give you an update on burning conditions in your area.

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