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What Does Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Mean to You?

Forest products companies that voluntarily choose to meet the SFI standard and become certified have been audited by independent third party auditors.  These auditors review and evaluate every aspect of the company’s operations in regards to their forest management activities.

The SFI standard involves growth and yield analysis, forest regeneration, education and a commitment to managing the forest in a sustainable manner that protects and provides environmental conformance.

How does an SFI audited company affect your?  It means that the certified companies are doing a better job of forest management and environmental protection and that the forest products produced by these companies are coming from a sustainable forest resource.

Has certification made a difference on what is happening on the ground?  Certification has made significant improvements on the activities on the ground, and we will continue to see improvements because the SFI commitment is also a commitment for continual improvement.  More information will be available on forest certification and its significance to the management of our natural resources in the next issue of the Inland Northwest Market Report.

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