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FEATURED PROFESSIONAL: Loren Pinski, Northwest Management, Inc. Marketing Professional

Flathead Lake Montana Historic Recovered Logs

Northwest Management, Inc. is excited to introduce a line of lumber products from reclaimed pine and larch logs that have been sitting on the bottom of Flathead Lake, Montana for decades.

Between 1901 to 1957, thousands of pine and larch logs sank to the bottom of Somers Bay on the northern edge of Flathead Lake. These logs sat in the cool waters until 2010 when NMI was contracted to recover the logs and sell wood products made from them.

NMI started sending down divers to search for these logs and pull then to the surface. These reclaimed pine and larch logs are now being turned into unique flooring, paneling, planks for tables and bar tops, boards for beautiful furniture, and anything else your imagination could dream of.

Sitting on the bottom of Flathead Lake not only preserved the logs, but the aging process and mineral deposits have given the pine and larch logs a wide range of tones, colors, and hues. These range from subtle browns and greys to deep greens, reds, blues, and blacks.

Only through NMI can you get lumber products that have been aged in the deep cool Flathead Lake Montana waters that originate from the snow fields of Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness area.

We can produce 8/4 and thicker pine and larch slabs with natural edges that can be used to make custom tables, bar tops, and furniture.

We are able to sell pine and larch boards with finished edges that can be used to make unique trim, picture frames, custom doors and windows, and furniture.

Our partner mills can produce 4/4 T&G pine paneling in a wide range of patterns. These boards would make a great accent wall or ceiling for a cabin or mountain lodge.

Imagine a solid wood Larch floor with shades of black, reds, bronze, and browns flowing through the wood.

TIMBERS: Open beam construction using timbers from logs that have been sitting on the bottom of Flathead Lake for decades could add a uniqueness to a lodge that could never be duplicated.

Cookies are end slices of logs. For the railroad enthusiasts, occasionally we get logs that are stamped with the logo of the Great Northern Railroad.

If you are looking to build, remodel, have custom furniture made for you home or office, or just want an end table with a Great Northern logo, please give us a call or send an email so we can discuss how reclaimed logs from the bottom of Flathead Lake can be used to enhance your project.

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