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FEATURED PROFESSIONAL: Jason Todhunter, Montana Logging Association

The Montana Logging Association (MLA) is a trade association and like other trade associations our job is to help enhance the logging profession and help get the truth about the forest products industry out to the public.

An MLA member has training in accident prevention and safety and has completed a voluntary educational curriculum (Accredited Logging Professional (ALP) program) to further improve their knowledge of forests and logging, which distinguishes them from their peers. They have also committed themselves to an aggressive continuing education schedule. These loggers have agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics which was established by Montana’s Accredited Logging Professional Charter. An ALP logger is aware of State and Federal laws pertaining to a logging operation.

The MLA also tries to help the timber industry’s business climate and opportunities by representing the logging industry during the state legislature and at a federal level as well. We get involved in all natural resource legislative issues that affect our industry as well as other business issues including worker compensation, health insurance, taxation and transportation.

Professionals in the logging industry are some of the most hardworking and innovative people I have ever been around. They work with pride in their profession and the work they do on the ground. Todays logging professionals have the great opportunity to enhance the health and beauty of the forest for future generations.

(Jason has worked for the Montana Logging Association for eleven years as a field safety rep, insurance agent and State lobbyist.)

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