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Featured Professional: Al Christophersen, Director of Habitat Stewardship Services

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Congratulations on being a valued client of Northwest Management. Like you, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is very pleased to be forging a business partnership relationship with NWM.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) is piloting a stewardship services program in which RMEF will be working as a general or subcontractor to accomplish elk habitat enhancement work. Companies like NWM will be extremely valuable in helping make this stewardship contracting services program a huge success. We view this program as another tool that RMEF can utilize in increasing our mission accomplishments of directly enhancing elk habitat. We see opportunities for this program all across America, not just in the northwest. RMEF is interested in working with private landowners on their lands, as well as industry that is working on public lands in stewardship projects. In order for RMEF to become effectively engaged in these efforts we will be working through consultants, timber industry owners and mangers, and consulting firms in the local areas to help make RMEF successful as a bidder or partner on projects.

RMEF needs to focus on projects that are enhancing elk habitat. We know that good quality elk habitat supports strong populations of many other species of birds and wildlife. We will be working with top line elk biologists, foresters, researchers and land managers to ensure projects RMEF undertakes are quality projects.

Habitat enhancement treatments may include timber harvesting, thinning, tree and shrub planting, forage seeding of roadways, log landing areas, and reclamation areas, creation and long term maintenance of forage openings within forests, aspen clone restoration, prescribed burning treatments to stimulate forage, and treatment of noxious weeds. While there are many other types of projects these will capture the bulk of available opportunities. We believe there are many great opportunities to combine with projects accomplishing hazardous fuels and range improvements that are being conducted on wildlife winter ranges or on elk habitat. If you believe a treatment will enhance elk habitat on your lands then let’s discuss it.

Join us (RMEF) as a stewardship partner to continue to make elk country the best it can be. Contact myself or any RMEF staff for information about how to get passionate about enhancing elk country. If you don’t have the habitat but want to support this great new program contact us about your donation.

Al Christophersen
Director of Habitat Stewardship Services
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
406-523-3478, cell 406-396-1578

5705 Grant Creek Rd
Missoula, MT 59808

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