RT-130 Fire Refresher Training Course

2019 RT-130 Training Schedule

TBD- Please check back in January for an updated RT 130 training schedule.

Start Time is 8:00 AM, End time is approximately 2:30 PM. Lunch is on your own at approximately 12:00 PM.

All Wildland fire fighters must meet minimum levels of fitness requirements from the US Forest Service for the type of duties they are assigned.

  • Arduous/Pack Test – 3-mile hike with 45 pound pack in 45 minutes
  • Moderate/Field Test – 2-mile hike with 25 pound pack in 30 minutes
  • Light/Walk Test – 1 mile hike in 16 minutes

Arduous: involves field work calling for above average endurance and superior conditioning. All firefighters are required to perform arduous duty including Professional Fallers.
Moderate: involves file work requiring completed control of physical faculties and may include considerable walking, standing and lifting 25-30 pounds.
Light: involves mainly office type work with occasional field activities. Dozer, excavator and support water tender operators must pass the walk test.

Taking the Fitness test:

  • Testing will be monitored and any problems should be brought to the attention of the test monitors
  • No jogging or running is permitted
  • Test is Pass / Fail only
  • Bring your own pack
  • Packs will be weighed

For more information or to register for a class, email nwmanage@nmi2.com and state your name, address and date you would like to attend.

Course Prices
Pre-registration online by 3pm the day prior to course $55.00
Registration at the door (cash or check) $60.00

RT-130 Registration