Dennis Thomas

By November 4, 2014Staff


Dennis Thomas, is a fire and wildland fuels specialist. Dennis offers more than 32 years of experience in wildland fire and provides direction to NMI’s prescribed fuel management projects, totaling 10,000+ acres annually. He writes fuel management plans and coordinates burning schedules with smoke management reports for local airsheds. Dennis brings previous experience of 18 years as an area fire warden with Clearwater Potlatch Timber Protection Area (CPTPA). Mr. Thomas is also the acting safety coordinator for NMI.

“Forests depict the beauty of creation and are an integral part of society-a treasure that must be cared for by good stewardship. Fire is a key element of ecosystem function and overall forest health; without fire a landscape can become uniform in character and diversity, with too much fire total ecosystems can be destroyed. Our mission at NMI is to seek a balance in natural resource management, meaning fire is both a challenge and a tool.”