Water Resources & Hydrology

Many look at water as the key to maintaining the integrity of the natural environment, while this is true, water is also a key driver of economic and social development. At NMI we understand that maintaining a balance between environmental, economic and social need requires management of this vital natural resource, the medium it flows through, and the surfaces it flows over – Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). Whether abandoning or laying out roads, crossing streams, restoring habitats, delineating wetlands, or filing water rights; NMI can provide the permitting, construction, analysis, and oversight required.

Water Resources and Hydrology

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Water resources are an important part of all natural ecosystems, forests, wildlife diversity and human enjoyment, aesthetics and recreation. An understanding of the importance in maintaining a balance of natural resource management and ecosystem function has made NMI a leader in sustainability and formed the foundation of our work in water resources. The concept of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) has been practiced within NMI since 1984 as a core value and our Mission to; “providing a balanced approach to natural resource management”.
 Our integrated services include:
  • Road Layout, Inventory and Assessment
  • All State and Federal permitting (§404, §401, BA’s, BO’s, EA’s)
  • Road abandonment
  • Fish passage structure installation and habitat improvement
  • Rural Bridge and Culvert installation and planning
  • Erosion Control and Best Management Practice (BMP) selection, implementation, and assessment
  • Pond and wetland assessment and installation
  • Water quality sampling, and monitoring

Water Rights


All states, and some counties, have specific rules and regulations required for the development and use of water resources. Many of the rules and regulations a landowner will face stem from historic uses and local, state or federal legislation. Water right regulations have been established for the protection, sustainability and use of all water resources, and are applied to irrigation, livestock, recreation, fire suppression, reclamation, municipal use, and industrial needs. These water laws apply to surface and ground water as well as water quality.
This means the depth and detail of information required for a water right application can be extensive, time consuming and complex. Northwest Management, Inc. water resource staff continually follow changing regulation and differences between regions to ensure the most accurate guidance and timely completion of water permits and projects for every specific situation.

Wetland Delineation and Riparian Area Management

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Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) is embodied in the understanding that a healthy water resource will have many parts including streams, ponds, riparian areas, forests and wetlands. These areas will be resilient to change, biologically diverse and able to balance vegetation, wildlife, and human use fluctuations if properly understood and managed. The ability of a hydrologic ecosystem to remain productive and stable over time is dependent on many factors including the occurrence and distribution of animals and vegetation, and inputs to the ecosystem such as water volume, water quality, nutrients, and outside impacts. Northwest Management, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience balancing ecosystem function and human use to provide high quality environments, productive landscapes and aesthetically pleasing view sheds.
Some of the water resource services we offer are:
  • Stream/River Assessments and Management Plans
  • Wetland Rehabilitation Planning and Management
  • Riparian Area Delineation and Assessment
  • Artificial Wetland Conceptual Planning, Layout and Monitoring

Water, Erosion, and Sedimentation

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As water resources become more understood and developed in the western United States the need for quantifying stream flow and watershed runoff becomes more and more important. Northwest Management, Inc.’s water resource staff can collect or provide information for estimating water volume and flow to assist for hydraulic planning and work in sensitive runoff areas.
NMI staff can provide assistance in:
  • Minimum in-stream flow estimations
  • Timber harvest stream-shade buffering and temperature management
  • Erosion and Sedimentation modeling and estimation
  • Pond layout and holding capacity estimations
  • Flood area assessments
  • Bridge and Culvert installation and planning