Why We Are Here

No two acres of forestland are the same, comprised of intricate habitats and a diversity of life, forests are accentuated by terrain, weather and regional climate. When forests are left unmanaged or free from their otherwise natural disturbances undesirable conditions, often brought on by insects and disease, result in dead and dying trees, catastrophic wildfires, and loss of wildlife diversity. A healthy forest is resilient to change, biologically diverse, and able to provide sustainable habitat, clean air, and pure water to people and wildlife alike.

“When landowners take a walk in the woods with an NMI forester, they are truly a forest steward and a leader in sustainable natural resource management.”  

Planning and Technical Services

Water Resources and Hydrology

Wildlife & Recreational Land Improvements

Fire & Hazard Mitigation

Northwest Rural Properties

Northwest Rural Properties

Forest and Ranch Investments

Forest Land Management

The mission is sustainability, the framework is a collaborative process that assures stakeholder values are respected, and the tool of implementation is silviculture.

Eric Zenner - The ongoing story of silviculture on our natural public forestlands. 112(6):611-616. June, 2014 Journal of Forestry