The Clearwater Basin Collaborative (CBC) is an effort comprised of representatives from local and state governments, conservation groups, the timber products industry, the Nez Perce Tribe, recreation interests, sportsmen, and local citizens. The vision is to enhance and protect the ecological and economic health of the forests, rivers, and communities within the Clearwater Basin.


Northwest Management, Inc’s role in the CBC is multi-part.

  • To provide guidance and staffing to support progress toward the shared vision as the group’s Coordinator for the Selway-Middle Fork Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFLRP) Project.
  • To provide facilitation and staffing for two of the CBC’s subcommittees: Landscape Health and Forest Policy.
  • To serve as the program manager for the Clearwater Basin Youth Conservation Corps.

Selway-Middle Fork Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFLRP)

The CFLRP is a landscape scale restoration project the Collaborative is implementing in partnership with the Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests.  A crucial component of the CFLRP is the multi-party monitoring, evaluation, and accountability process to assess the positive or negative ecological, social, and economic effects of the Selway-Middle Fork Project.  NMI’s role is development and implementation of the monitoring plan as well as the management of associated projects with partners such as the Forest Service, Idaho Fish and Game, the Nez Perce Tribe, the University of Idaho, local communities, the public, and a wide variety of contractors.

Since 2012, this has included:

  • Baseline ecological and socio-economic assessments
  • Installation of monumented photo plots
  • Forest-wide weed management assessment
  • Implementation of an aquatics habitat and fish population assessment
  • Vegetation treatment efficacy monitoring
  • Assistance with annual implementation reports
  • Development of a GIS-based web tool for sharing project success and other spatial information
  • Development of outreach materials for a wide range of audiences
  • Organization of field tours
  • Hosting the Monitoring Advisory Committee meetings

All of this has been successful due to almost daily communication and coordination with both CBC and Forest Service leadership.


Landscape Health and Forest Policy – Subcommittees

The CBC is made up of six subcommittees each with individual goals for advancing various aspects of the CBC’s vision in the Clearwater Basin. Northwest Management, Inc. has provided facilitation and staffing for the Landscape Health and Forest Policy committees since 2013.

The Landscape Health  – The responsibilities of this subcommittee include implementation of the CBC’s Memorandum of Understanding with the Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests including project-level collaboration on the Forests’ vegetation treatment projects.

The Forest Policy  – The responsibilities of this subcommittee include research and development of administrative solutions to meet the CBC’s forest restoration objectives within the Clearwater Basin.


Clearwater Basin Youth Conservation Corps (CBYCC)

One of the CBC’s banner projects was the development of the Clearwater Basin Youth Conservation Corps and the program’s integration with local communities. The CBYCC is a partnership effort with the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, the CBC, Idaho Department of Labor, and the Clearwater RC&D Council that provides needed services to the Forests and benefits the community by exposing youth to natural resource career opportunities in paid work environment. NMI has served as the Program Manager for this partnership since 2013.

Northwest Management, Inc. provides assistance with funding acquisition for the program, hiring and management of crew leads and operational staff, curriculum development in conjunction with the Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests, and public outreach and education.

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