Brock Purvis

By November 4, 2014Staff


Brock has worked in forestry as an inventory specialist, project manager and now as our Forest Inventory Manager. He provides administration, development, implementation and quality assurance of forest inventory projects for a diverse clientele, is experienced in statistical analysis, forest mensuration, and inventory design. He regularly uses inventory analysis programs such as the Forest Service Vegetation Simulator (FVS) and Forest Biometrics Forest Projection System (FPS). He has considerable experience in forest inventory sample design, vegetation mapping, and ground-truthing techniques. Brock’s background in project development and budgeting affords him the ability to manage multiple complex projects and identify project inefficiencies early to minimize potential error and maximize value for every client.

“Timber growth and yield are valuable in many different facets such as a source of income, biomass volume, carbon sequestration, or esthetics. We seek to provide balanced management solutions for every project that will achieve multiple objectives for our clients.”