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Announcements 2015

2016 Montana Joint Forest Landowner and Society of American Foresters Conference

April 15, 2016  Radisson Colonial Hotel, Helena, MT

Hosted by: Northwest Management, Inc., MT Forest Stewardship Foundation, and SAF. This conference includes Natural Resource Professionals speaking on a diverse array of topics pertinent to private landowners. Key Note Speaker: Dr. Ash Ballantyne, University of Montana, Topic: Montana Climate Impacts Assessment-What does the future look like for MT Forests. Breakout sessions include a variety of topics including Tribal Perspectives on Forest Management, Managing Forest Wildlife, Forest Management Technology, Forest Economics and Government Initiatives, Managing Forest Health, and Montana Forest Collaboratives. Silent auction winners will be announced at the end of the meeting. E-mail Gary at with any questions. Hope to see you there!

 2016 Family Forest Owners/Managers Conference & Exposition

March 28-29, 2016; University Inn Best Western Plus, Moscow, ID;  Hosted by: Idaho Forest Owners Association, Idaho Tree Farm Program, Idaho Department of Lands, UI Extension-Kootenai County, USDA Forest Service, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

This conference is attended by forest landowners and the foresters who advise them, and includes the annual meetings of both the Idaho Forest Owners Association and the Idaho Tree Farm Program. For Registration and more information visit

Featuring NMI Professionals 2015

Northwest Management, Inc. welcomes the following Resource Professionals to our Team of Regular Staff:

Greg Howisey, Forester                Ivan Anastasov, Forest Biometrics, Growth & Yield Modeling
Tiana Luke, Forester                     Adam Herrenbruck, Journalist, Outdoor Enthusiast
Kevin Erixson, Forester
Nate Wilson, Forester
Eric Clippinger, Forester

Publication: Mark Corrao, Ph.D., Licensed Surface Water Professional, and certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control will be published in the Rangelands Journal, October 2015 Issue; Title: Using Science to Bridge Management and Policy: Terracette Hydrologic Function and Water Quality Best Management Practices in Idaho.

Summary: There are 27,481 stream kilometers of nonpoint-source pollution water quality impaired streams in Idaho. Best management practices have been developed to mitigate this pollution; however the need for site-specific research persists to continue their development, and improve application. In the semiarid western U.S. water plays a defining role in public land use, with soil moisture, vegetation, and microtopography being key variables in the hydrologic function of ecosystems. Due to limitations in spatial resolution and computational demands for modeling, rangeland management has not accounted for microtopographic-terracette features, despite recognition of microtopographic influences on soil moisture and the accuracy of modeling variables.

Authors are: Hydrologist, University of Idaho (Corrao); Prof. of Law, University of Idaho (Cosens); Assoc. Prof. of Soil Physics, University of Idaho (Heinse); Research Assist. Prof. University of Idaho-McCall Field Campus (Eitel) and Prof. of Forest Hydrology, University of Idaho (Link).

 2015 Montana Forest Landowner Conference

Friday April 24, 2015  Helena, MT

Hosted by Northwest Management, Inc. and MT Forest Stewardship Foundation. The theme for this year’s conference is “Things that Live in the Forest”. Expert speakers at the conference this year will include botanists, wildlife biologists, and other natural resource specialists who will speak about the diverse array of wildlife, plants, and animals that inhabit Montana forest landscapes. You will develop a heightened awareness of things that you may not be currently seeing in the woods. Have you ever wondered where bats live in your forest? What lichens live in the trees? What critters come out at night or live below the ground and under logs? How birds respond to aspen stand enhancement treatments? These are a few of the topics we hope to explore. In addition we plan to cover some of the long-time favorite subjects such as timber markets and preparing for a timber sale. To register online go to or or email for information. Looking forward to seeing you in April!



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