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Announcements 2012

Critical Update: Need to Contact State Com for an Emergency?

Your radio won’t work unless it has been serviced! All public safety and business industrial land mobile radio systems need to be operating using at least 12.5 kHz efficiency technology.  It is imperative that radios be narrowbanded and retoned! If changes are not made, trying to reach State Com in the event of a logging accident will not work!
The Associated Logging Contractors strongly recommends that contractors contact their radio service provider to ensure that the changes are made.  After changes are made be sure to do a radio check from your job site to ensure that you are able to reach State Com.

Small Log Conference

March 13-15, 2013 focuses on key issues surrounding small diameter timber and woody biomass. This year there will be discussion by the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) and other university-led biofuels efforts on their research on the viability of creating a sustainable biofuels industry for avaiation and other uses from wood feedstocks. There will also be discussion on wood exports and new markets for details.

12th Annual Foresters Forum

Northwest Management, Inc. and Inland Forestry Associates will again coordinate efforts and present the 12th Annual Foresters’ Forum, Feb 5-7, 2013, at The Coeur d’Alene. The Foresters’ Forum is a unique conference for professional foresters targeted to promoting continuing education, ethics and pride in our profession.  The conference is dedicated to providing high quality workshops on new ideas, technologies, and emerging policy and professional issues. Visit for details.

Idaho EQIP and WHIP Programs Sign-up Cutoff Date

Idaho NRCS is seeking signups for the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) and the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP).  The signup cutoff date is November 16, 2012.  Any producers in Idaho wanting to pursue these programs and interested in any conservation or wildlife project or Forest Management Plan is encouraged to contact NMI and/or NRCS.   EQIP/WHIP contracts can address a wide variety of resource concerns across different land uses.  NMI Technical Service Providers or NRCS are happy to meet with producers/landowners to discuss their objectives and see if these programs fit their needs.  Matt Engberg at Northwest Management, Inc. can be reached at 208-883-4488 X 121 and NRCS can be reach at 882-4960 X 118.

Beneway County Woods Day

Idaho Forest Owners Association, Saturday July 14, 2012 8:00AM – 4:30 PM
Focus of this year’s event will be on practices that maintain or add to the health of your
forestland. To download the brochure and registration information visit or call (208) 683-3168.

Idaho Forest Products Commission

Sustainable Forestry Tour, For Teachers & Counselors, June 26-29, 2012

Exploring Northern Idaho’s Forests–Three days immersed in the social, economic and ecological aspects of sustainable forestry. The tour is celebrating ten successful years!
Forest tours are the best way to show educators the dynamics of the forest products industry and help them educate their students about forest resources and their future choices. NMI is a proud sponsor of this event.
Visit “Cool Stuff for Teachers” to view past pictures and for more information on the Sustainable Forestry Tour.

Mountain Pine Beetle Infestations

During intitial stages of low intensity mountain pine beetle infestations in ponderosa and lodgepole pine stands pro-active management can help to prevent high tree mortality rates.  Where individual tree spraying is not feasible or desirable, placement of Verbenone packets in combination with prompt and thorough salvage and removal of green beetle infested trees has been effective at reducing rate of tree infestation from mountain pine beetle in high risk stands.  Verbenone packets can be used to protect individual trees or larger forest areas. Packets must be installed prior to beetle flight which generally peaks during the months of July and August.  Packets are not-toxic and easy to install by the property owner. We generally recommend verbenone packets be installed around mid to late June.  Please be sure to order Verbenone packets by mid-May to ensure we are able to supply you in a timley manner.  For more information contact forester Devin Healy at (406) 442-7555 or . Devin will be happy to answer any questions and process your order.

3rd Annual Landowner Conference, “Staying on Top of the Forest Stewardship Challenge”, Helena, Montana April 16, 2012. The Montana Forest Stewardship Foundation and Northwest Management, Inc invite you to attend the 3rd Annual Landowner Conference. Visit click on the “Events” tab.

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