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Announcements 2001

The Washington Forest Practices Act requires a road maintenance and abandonment plan (RMAP) for all lands under its jurisdiction. Landowners with >500 acres have until 2005 to submit their plan with 20% of the plan submitted each year from 2000 to 2005. Landowners with <500 acres must submit a plan for their entire ownership prior to, or concurrently with, a forest practices notification for road construction or harvest activities.

Northwest Management, Inc. (NMI) can conduct a road inventory of all roads on your property and assist you with preparation of your RMAP for the DNR. Call NMI for more information on this service.

The Carbon Sequestration Program-An Update on the Carbon Offset Program

Last quarter we featured Rob Richardson from the Upper Columbia RC&D who wrote on the potential for landowners to grow trees in an effort to reduce the effects of CO2 emissions. Presently, 5000 acres from our area have been submitted. Landowners, intending to establish new plantations in agricultural and grass fields are being quoted rates from $400 to $600 per acre from the sale of carbon credits. These funds provide an excellent incentive for reforestation, which improves air quality, provides wildlife habitat, reduces erosion and is environmentally friendly. Northwest Management, Inc. continues to evaluate and monitor the program in an effort to provide the information necessary to you for planting trees under this new Program. Give us a call if you are considering this option.

Fire Safe Spokane will provide, at 100% cost share, a Defensible Fire Safe Plan for your home and property in Northeast Washington. Give NMI a call to enroll. (509) 276-4699, Deer Park, WA or (208) 883-4488, Moscow, ID.

Northwest Management, Inc. opens new office in Missoula, MT

Gary EllingsonNorthwest Management, Inc. opened an office in Missoula, Montana on April 16th, 2001, located at 929 SW Higgins, Suite C. We welcome Gary Ellingson as our area forester in Missoula. Gary is a graduate of the University of Montana with over 20 years of forestry related job experience in Montana. Gary most recently worked for Montana State University Extension Forestry coordinating the Montana Forest Stewardship Program. Through this experience Gary provided forestry assistance and stewardship planning education to thousands of non-industrial private forest landowners, loggers, and natural resource professionals across Montana.

Gary’s earlier Montana forestry experiences included field positions with forest industry, US Forest Service, and private contractors. Gary also appraised real estate for approximately three years.

At the Missoula office, Gary will offer professional services in: forest management planning, forest inventory and cruising, timber harvesting, forest fire hazard reduction, mapping, GPS, range management, forest products marketing and estate planning. The Missoula office phone number is (406) 543-6668. Give Gary a call with any forestry needs you may have!

Washington Landowners

The Washington DNR is providing 75% cost share for reforestation, fire hazard reduction, and stewardship planning. Reforestation dollars are direct towards planting areas affected by the wildfires in 2000. Fire hazard reduction money is available for thinning, pruning, creating defensible space, fire breaks, and slash removal. Stewardship planning and activities are currently being funded as well. There is a limited amount of money available on a first come first serve basis for all of these activities. Contact Brain Vrablick at (509) 276-4699 for more information.

Montana Landowners

The Tri-County Fire Working Group in Lewis & Clark, Jefferson, and Broadwater Counties has cost share dollars available for creating a 150 ft. defensible space around your homes. This program will share the cost associated with creating the defensible space up to 75%. For more information call Pat McKelvey at (406) 447-8225.

Montana landowners can get a risk assessment for wildland fire on your property. The State is offering this program on a 100% cost share basis. Contact Gary Ellingson at (406) 543-6668 for more information.

Washington Landowners

We have noticed that there has been a fair amount of damage to trees due to snow fall and wind this past November especially in Stevens and Ponderay Counties. We urge landowners to go out and look at their property and check their trees for broken tops. Damaged trees can lead to bug infestation and increased slash and fire danger. If you would like to have our forester check trees or if you would like more information please contact Brain Vrablick at (509) 276-4699.

Montana Landowners

Montana landowners can get a risk assessment for wildland fire on their property. The State is offering this program on a 100% cost share basis. Contact Gary Ellingson at (406) 543-6668 for more information.

Mark Your Calendars

Idaho NIPF Annual Conference
March 25-26, 2002
Best Western University Inn

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