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Announcements 1999

Douglas-fir bark beetle

The Douglas-fir bark beetle has been hard at work causing significant mortality on our forestlands.  If you are seeing a lot of dead or dying trees with many red needles, give our foresters a call to visit your property and we will give you an update on the health of your woodland.

Log Market Prices and Logging Cost Information

Northwest Management, Inc. maintains a database of log market prices and logging cost information.  If you need timber values or cost information for tax basis, appraisals, or estate planning, we can provide the data.

Annual Private Forest Landowners Workshop

Sponsored by University of Idaho and Clearwater RC&D
March 22-23, 1999


The Association of Consulting Foresters of America, Inc. established in 1956, also provides education and a working Code of Ethics as to the method of conducting consulting business.  In states that do not have certification for foresters or a license to practice forester (i.e.California), SAF and ACF are commonly used as minimum qualifications for consultant foresters.  Ask your local State Forester (Idaho Department of Lands) or call Northwest Management, Inc. for more information.


Society of American Foresters is our oldest and most widely known professional organization for foresters established in 1900.  SAF has a Code of Ethics and keeps their membership abreast of natural resource issues through their monthly magazine and local and national meetings.

Estate Planning Workshops

Northwest Management, Inc. began Estate Planning Workshops in 1999 and will continue presenting these in 2000.  These workshops are specific for forest owners and more information will be available in the coming Newsletter.  If you are interested in a workshop like this, please let us know.  We are scheduling the dates for March and April.

Forest Tax Plans

Many counties are looking to require a Forest Management Plan to receive the Forest Tax Exemption.  Northwest Management, Inc. has prepared these plans in the counties requiring them and is working with landowners and County Assessors to make this easily accessible and specific to the County needs.  If you need a Forest Tax Plan, Give us a call!!

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