Northwest Management, Inc., specializes in intensive merchandising and marketing of forest products to capture optimum value. NMI publishes this quarterly Log Market Report that summarizes log prices from a large geographic area in the Northwest.

Our services

  • Log Marketing¬†Merchandising & Marketing of Forest Products
  • Price Negotiation
  • Analysis of Price Proposals
  • Sole Bid Mediator
  • Quarterly Log Market Report / Market Overview

Market Overview

Delivered log prices have dropped slightly over the past quarter as most mill log yards in the region are at or near capacity and demand for lumber is stagnant due to seasonal slowness and weather. The framing lumber composite price has seen modest gains in recent weeks following a pronounced decline in January. Some mills are not taking on any additional contracts or have halted deliveries altogether, and many have adequate log inventories to carry them through spring breakup. Some logging contractors are looking for additional work to make it through the season. Pulp, tonwood and ponderosa pine prices are relatively unchanged from last quarter.

Keeping you on Top of the Market

Northwest Management, Inc. markets their client’s forest products to mills through a competitive bidding process in order to maximize the return a landowner can expect from every sale. We at NMI take pride in our ability to provide these and other exceptional services for all our clients and landowners.