Northwest Management, Inc. (NMI) provides services for landowners and companies interested in meeting the certification standards for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), Chain of Custody (CoC) and ISO 14001.

NMI has 4 trained Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditors that are conducting Chain of Custody, Forestry Management, and Procurement Programs.

NMI’s audit experience includes conducting audits throughout the United States and Canada.  NMI has extensive experience throughout the western US and has also evaluated numerous operations in the boreal forest, northeast hardwoods and the southern pine ecosystems.

Our extensive audit experience uniquely provides our clients with excellent certification experience to set-up, train and implement new certification programs for forest operations, procurement systems and Chain of Custody programs.  Our staff can assist in preparing your program to meet the certification standards and provide internal audits to keep the operation in compliance and to update staff when modifications and revisions are implemented every 5 years.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the process of evaluating a prospective timberland acquisition or disposal decision by collecting and analyzing data on the timberlands financial, regulatory and other pertinent information. The end product of the process is to provide a quantitative assessment of the projects strengths, weaknesses and risks.

Northwest Management, Inc. (NMI) assists its clients in the development of ground based valuation of timberland through the use of forest inventory data, growth and yield projections, market analysis and discounted cash flow analysis. NMI has been involved in numerous acquisition projects in the Northwest that utilized our knowledge and experience with timberlands to provide our clients with appropriate recommendations.

NMI has a team of experienced foresters that are capable of developing inventories, evaluating existing inventories, forecasting yield streams, developing localized cost and price structures and projecting cash flows for a given land acquisition project. NMI’s team synthesizes and analysis of the best available data allows us to give our client a product that they can utilize and rely upon in making land acquisition decisions.